• Prio M

    Storage with a view

    The fantastic Prio M is packed full of stone to achieve optimal heat storage. Simply put, it is a fusion of 2 styles - namely, practical heat storage combined with a piece of furniture to capture the mesmerising dancing of the flames. When you first see the effect the large side glass affords the room and the overall experience you will understand exactly why the side glass has become so popular. The wonderful "Indian Night" soapstone in conjunction with the totally unique exterior adds a touch of exclusivity and finesse to the experience. Quite simply, the PrioM is a unique heater and piece of furniture which is spectacular but discreet, all at once.



    310 kg
    1485 mm
    540 mm
    440 mm
    1287 mm
    12 Pa
    7 kW
    3-8 kW
    30-120 m2
    2,1 kg



    Declaration of performance