Jubilee 35 - Fire it up and enjoy the long-lasting warmth


Lotus Jubilee 35 takes wood pieces of up to 50 cm in length
A Danish powerhouse among wood burning stoves will now be providing warmth for even longer. The Jubilee 35 from Lotus is the ideal solution for those who want a stove that takes extra-large pieces of firewood and delivers precise heat control. Designed to incorporate a combustion chamber spacious enough to take pieces of wood up to 50 cm long, this stove is capable of heating a large living area for many hours.

Comfortable and easy-to-regulate warmth
One of the definite advantages of burning large pieces of wood is the minimal amount of time required to tend to the stove. The heat is regulated using the Comfort Air Control system, which – with its multiple settings – makes it easy to find a constant, comfortable temperature. Among the most environmentally friendly stoves on the market, it produces lower emissions thanks to the special Lotus ECO Clean Burn Technology incorporated into the combustion chamber. This also ensures the fire makes full use of the wood.

Slimline design with emphasis on performance
The slimline design has been updated with a heavier top panel, which is rounded and gives the stove a more finished look. The control levers are found above the door of the log storage compartment, which also has room for lighters and accessories. With an output of 7 kW, the Jubilee 35 has capacity to heat a 130 m² living area, and the heat is released over a long period of time due to the 200 kg weight of the stove. The stove is easy to operate, not least due to the insulated silicone grips on the handles and air vents. The stove is available in steel, soapstone and Indian Night – all various shades of black.

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