Maestro 2 & Maestro 152 - Lotus’ successful Maestro series is now even better


Based on a new heat storage test we can now officially promise you 2.4 kW per hour for 14 hours 
The stoves have Lotus’ renowned and unparalleled combustion technology, which ensures efficient combustion with a minimum of ash.

The design remains both appealing and stylish, and you can put your personal touch on the look of the stove. You can choose between a black, grey or Magic door, and for the stone cladding you can choose
between the classical Soapstone or the elegant Indian Night stone.

Maestro 2 & Maestro 152 give you many great advantages:

  • Effective combustion with a minimum of ash
  • Choose between Soapstone or Indian Night cladding
  • Cast-iron door available in black or grey or with the elegant Magic surface
  • The door is easy to operate with our unique soft close system
  • Power Stones as standard feature and a total weight of 510-530 kg
  • Thermotte in the combustion chamber releases heat while heating the stone cladding
  • A genuine heat storage stove with a test that document several hours of heat release. The stove can release 2.4 kW per hour for 14 hours
  • The stove has also been tested in the more traditional test and has proven able to produce 6 kW per hour with normal every day firing
  • An operating range from a pleasant 2 kW up to 7-8 kW over an extended period of time