Maestro 1 & 2 - Warmth’s new, elegant look

The sleek design of Lotus Maestro wood-burning stoves offer both radiant and stored heat  
The Danish wood-burning stove manufacturer Lotus is now launching the new, high quality Maestro 1 and 2 stoves, which provide heat for your home in two ways. Firstly they radiate heat when you kindle the stove and the flames are at their highest behind the glass. Secondly they heat the home with stored heat from the stove’s stone cladding. With a capacity of 6 kW and an A+ energy rating, the soapstone Maestro models can easily heat homes of up to 120 m2 in area and the stored heat alone can provide up to 14 hours of warmth.

Combustion chambers with clean technology

In addition to the stone cladding, the high level of warmth is due to the Maestro’s Clean Burn technology in the combustion chamber, which ensures clean and environmentally friendly burning. Direct control of the air feed makes the stove easy to operate as does the automatic closing system, which employs two magnets to pull the door closed. The door is made of cast iron and is available in a choice of black, grey or Magic glass options.

Design reaches new heights

Lotus’ designers have focused on achieving a sleek design so that Lotus Maestro 1 and 2 can adapt to all modern home settings. The stove’s increased mass provides many hours’ worth of stored heat, and with heights of 123 and 154 cm, the Maestro’s design hides the fact that they weigh 420 and 530 kg respectively. In addition, the Maestro 2’s design now features an oven compartment for baking. As with all Lotus stoves, there is a 10-year warranty. Maestro 1 and 2 stoves are available in soapstone or Indian Night stone type and have an A+ energy rating.

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