Mondo 3 - A new stove with beautiful flames and high heat capacity

With its sleek design and solid material, The Mondo 3 is ideally suited to a wide range of homes
The Danish wood burning stove manufacturer Lotus is launching a stove that can offer both excellent heat capacity and a beautiful looking flame. The Mondo 3 is the latest model in a series known for its fine craftsmanship and solid materials. Produced with cold-rolled steel, cast iron, soapstone or Indian Night stone, the stove’s design is well suited to today’s homes. The Mondo 3 comes in a height of 99 or 123 cm, and a weight between 112 and 210 kg. High quality materials have been chosen to ensure both the stove’s efficiency and durability. Designed to be easy to use the stove can be conveniently operated via the Soft Close system, which slowly pulls the door into closed position to lock automatically.

High performance and long-lasting heat
The new Mondo 3 is an energy class A appliance with a 5 kW output and that can heat a 120 m2 home. The heaviest model, 3M, has an additional compartment for storing heat. This model’ increased mass allows it to store heat and gradually disperse it through the home, even after the fire has gone out. Igniting and controlling flames is made easy thanks to The Comfort Air Control system, where the damper for air regulation is controlled through different steps/notches. In the development of the Mondo 3 series, there has been a strong focus on creating optimal combustion with minimal CO2 emissions.

Many options available

The Mondo 3 comes in several versions, in black Steel, soapstone or the Indian Night stone, and with top plates in either cast iron or stone. You can choose between three different door handles, as well as an optional door cover for the open log storage compartment if required. As an accompaniment, Lotus offers 2 different hardened-glass floorplates for this stove. 

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