• Beto 470W - Magic door

    Created for staying warm

    Beto is a series of wood-burning stoves designed with superior heat-retention properties. The stoves are built with either concrete or soapstone.

    Soapstone has several unique advantages, the most important being its outstanding heat-retention properties. For a similar effect with concrete Beto, choose Beto concrete with Powerstones. In terms of design, concrete allows you to create a harmonious and elegant look for your stove.

    Both stove types in the series are supplied in different versions and sizes, and the soapstone model is about the closest you can get to achieving the unique properties of a true masonry stove.

    The stoves are supplied as standard with hinges on the left-hand side, but it is also possible to have the hinges placed on the right.

    This version of the Beto stove allows you to increase the height of the stove by 40 cm with an extra section. The extra section is an accessory and sits above the combustion chamber.

    Powerstones are specially developed by Lotus and boast particularly good heat-retention properties. The stones are fitted above the combustion chamber and are supplied as standard on Beto soapstone stoves. On the Beto concrete stoves, the Powerstones is supplied as an accessory.



    373 kg
    1341 mm
    1050 mm
    510 mm
    601/833/1183 mm
    12 Pa
    7 kW
    3-10 kW
    40-170 m2
    2/2,5 kg
    58 cm



    Declaration of performance