• A power plant clad in natural stone

    The Lotus Jubilee 35 M is a veritable powerhouse of a wood-burning stove, and if you want the considerable heat it produces to be stored and then evenly released over a longer period, Jubilee is supplied with both Indian Night and soapstone. The huge combustion chamber takes logs up to 50 cm in length. The frame on the back of the door is made of cast iron for optimum durability and strength. The moulded Skamolex combustion chamber is designed to accommodate the large volumes of wood and is part of the Lotus ECO Green Burn Technology programme. All this ensures that the heat is utilised to optimum effect.

    User-friendliness is incorporated into every detail, and the control levers are neatly integra-ted above the narrow wood storage compartment, which can be used for kindling materials and accessories. The large solid door opens easily.

    Jubilee is for those who want the experience of a large fire - with a unique play of flames and high heat output.



    358 kg
    1420 mm
    726 mm
    454 mm
    1222 mm
    12 Pa
    7 kW
    4-10 kW
    30-120 m2
    2 kg
    53 cm



    Declaration of performance