• Maestro Indian Night - Magic door

    Fabulous new addition to the popular Lotus heat storage series

    With specially developed advanced insulation of the combustion chamber to allow an exactly measured diffusion of heat from the stone, the voluminous Maestro is elevated into a league of its own. The Maestro uses the latest modern combustion system: Clean Burn Technology.

    It is a complete storage stove with the option of 4 different cladding variants to ensure optimal storage of heat for up to 14 hours. With its tall, sleek lines and round form, the woodburning stands majestically and has an automatic closing system entailing two heat-resistant magnets, whereby the door is drawn in almost by magnetic force. The stove is fitted with a tall castiron glass panel door to give a fantastic view of the flames.

    The stove is available in 4 variants: soapstone, Indian Night and in black or white glazed tile.
    The cast-iron door is available in black or grey and also with the Magic glass door.



    566 kg
    1733 mm
    560 mm
    560 mm
    1421 mm
    12 Pa
    6 kW
    4-10 kW
    30-120 m2
    1,7 kg



    Declaration of performance