• Mondo 3M

    Quality at a reasonable price

    The Mondo 3 is the newly developed addition to the esteemed range of stoves with an impressive heating capacity.

    The door of the Mondo 3 is in cast-iron, the same is true of the wood storage compartment, which is available as an optional extra. The quality materials used in the Mondo 3 give it a weight of 112-210 kg, which helps ensure the stove's efficiency. The Mondo 3 is available in steel, soapstone or Indian Night versions. It is available with a wood storage compartment and top plate in cast-iron, soapstone or Indian Night.

    All models come with the new Lotus soft-close system as standard, and a choice of three handles.

    The stoves are available with a number of different claddings.



    210 kg
    1231 mm
    480 mm
    412 mm
    1080 mm
    12 Pa
    5 kW
    3-7 kW
    30-120 m2
    1,5 kg
    34 cm



    Declaration of performance