• H470 W Air

    Spread the warmth and cosiness to several rooms

    Lotus fireplace inserts with an in-built ventilator - i.e. the Air model - effectively create the option of distributing the heat between several rooms. Cold air is sucked in through the vent beneath the door and the warmed air is released from the vent above the door or fed via tubes to other rooms in the house. The ventilator can be regulated steplessly and can shift up to 300 m3 air per hour. This provides optimum warmth throughout the home. The following models are available with the ventilator: H470, H570, H470 W og H570 W and supplied with a steel frontage in black or grey. All Lotus fireplace inserts are delivered with the opening handle on the right hand side and the hinges mounted on the left hand side as standard. However, Lotus can also supply inserts with a reflective opening at no extra charge if this is specified at the time of ordering.



    135 kg
    654 mm
    948 mm
    440 mm
    12 Pa
    7 kW
    3-10 kW
    40-190 m2
    2/2,5 kg
    58 cm




    Declaration of performance