• - Outstanding heat storage in a slim design

    The Prestige M is the preferred choice of many customers when it comes to heat storage and output over many hours.
    The Prestige M is designed to store as much heat as possible. The fire chamber is clad in materials that allow the heat to pass through the side of the chamber and out into the storage space, which is finished with either Soapstone or the beautiful
    Indian Night. This ensures optimum utilisation of the storage space, giving off comfortable and consistent heat over many hours.

    The Prestige M is characterised by its slim and elegant design and a tall cast-iron door that gives a beautiful view of the flames. The rounded shape of this stove, which is just 43.3 cm deep, makes it easy to integrate into all kinds of spaces in your home.
    The Prestige M is designed with the Lotus Classic handle. This handle follows the straight lines of the stove and helps to underline its slim design.
    Weighing over 350 kg, the Prestige M with a Soapstone or Indian Night finish spans the gap between the general purpose wood-burning stove with light storage space and the large stoves offering heat storage, such as the Lotus M series, the QM40 series and the Beto series.

    The Prestige M is available with a Soapstone or Indian Night finish. Both of these are natural stone varieties with formidable heat storage capabilities, and PowerStones are also included. PowerStones are a specially developed type of stone that retains heat for longer. These stones will give off a pleasant amount of heat in your room even after the final flames have died down.



    356 kg
    1260 mm
    560 mm
    433 mm
    953 mm
    12 Pa
    5 kW
    3-7 kW
    30-120 m2
    1,7 kg
    35 cm