• Abundant heat storage

    The Prestige M is the preferred choice of many customers when it comes to heat storage.
    Like the Prestige MST, it is designed and built to store as much heat as possible. The combustion chamber is covered with materials which allow the heat to pass through the side of the
    combustion chamber and out into the storage mass. This allows for optimal utilisation of the storage mass and the release of heat for up to 10 hours. Lotus stoves with heat storage have
    the advantage that the lowest part of the storage mass is also heated.

    The stove is characterised by a sleek and elegant design in addition to a tall door which makes for a fantastic experience of the flames.
    The stove’s circular shape and depth of just 43.3 cm make it easy to integrate many places in the home.

    Weighing approximately 350 kg, the Prestige M, MST and Indian Night span the entire spectrum between an ordinary wood burning stove with a light storage mass and larger stoves with heat storage, such as the Lotus M.



    356 kg
    1260 mm
    560 mm
    433 mm
    953 mm
    12 Pa
    5 kW
    3-7 kW
    30-120 m2
    1,7 kg
    35 cm