Comfort ECO Boost

Simple and easy kindling and stoking

It should be simple and straightforward to light and stoke your wood-burning stove. Comfort ECO Boost – for greater comfort when operating your wood-burning stove. When Comfort ECO Boost is activated, a ‘boost’ of air is immediately supplied directly to the bottom of the kindling. This makes it easier to light the fire, and when adding more wood, it ignites significantly faster. Individual time settings from 1 - 7 minutes of Comfort ECO Boost ensure a high degree of user comfort when operating your wood-burning stove.

Look for the Comfort Boost symbol on the individual stove models.

With Comfort Boost, a controlled volume of air is fed directly into the bottom of the stove for a limited period of time, thus ensuring:

- Easier kindling and stoking and subsequent adding of the firewood
- Improved combustion economy
- Environmentally correct firing-up