Before buying a wood stove

Before buying a wood stove

Buying a wood stove is an investment in a piece of furniture which you will be looking at for years to come. So, con -sider your needs and requirements before deciding which stove to buy. The siting of the stove, the area to be heated and the type of building to be heated will be just as important as style and design.

Short-Term or Long-Term Heating

Stoves not only differ in appearance from one stove to another but also in combustion technique and material specification, these all play a part when choosing your stove.
Further, be aware of the packing between the door and the stove. If made of steel, it would be hard to replace, and it would not be as close-fitting as a ceramic glass packing. Like with the other materials, the better materials and processing, the longer you will be able to enjoy your new wood stove.

Spend time on making your home cosy, rather than on cleaning

Generally, wood stoves will not need much cleaning. But you will need to check all packings and movable parts before the firing season begins, and clear and clean your stove inside when the firing season is over. It is also a good idea to remove the baffle plates to check whether there is a free passage to the chimney. Further, be aware that wood stoves will have been treated with a heat-resistant paint which will not be water-resistant. Consequently, all maintenance, inside and out, is to be performed without using any water. Also, always follow manufacturer’s specifications.

Heating just a few or many sq. metres

Big may not necessarily be best when buying a new wood stove. So make sure that you buy the right stove in relation to the area you intend heating. Always consider the operating interval and manufacturer’s specifications. Most stoves will have sufficient output to cater for your needs. Do bear in mind that a small stove with a small combustion chamber will burn cleanly at a low burn rate and produce heat whilst burning cleanly. To have a stove with a large combustion chamber burn cleanly at a low burn rate may prove difficult ie the larger the combustion chamber and the window, the higher burn rate for your stove to burn cleanly. The combustion chamber will be kept clean of soot i.e. the larger the combustion chamber and the window, the harder your stove will have to work to burn cleanly. When your stove burns at the right performance, the window and the combustion chamber will be kept clean of soot. So, do select your stove in consultation with your fireplace distributor, for the particular size meeting your needs and requirements.

Be comfortable with a clear conscience

When selecting your new wood stove, do remember to check whether the stove has been approved and certified to standards duly allowing for the environment. As a main rule, the more standards a wood stove meets, the better will it be for the environment.