Wood-burning stoves and pollution

22.Jun 2018

Wood-burning stove with a good conscience
A lot has been written and said in the press lately about wood-burning stoves and pollution.

It cannot be denied that the use of wood-burning stoves, like virtually everything people do, has an effect on...
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Style - New, elegant design provides warmth on a wide scale

05.Jan 2018

Lotus Style sets new standards for wood burning stoves in today’s contemporary home
The challenge of balancing simplicity of design with the capacity to warm up a large living area has once again been conquered. The new Style by Danish manufacturer Lotus combines the elegant design of a fireplace insert...
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Prestige - Wood burning stoves that deliver more comfort and full heat control

11.Dec 2017

The new Lotus Prestige models combine stylish design with more comfort and precise heat control
The de-stressing, relaxing effect of looking at the flames and warming up in front of a wood burning stove is now getting yet another boost of comfort. The new Prestige Basic and Basic S models...
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Jubilee 25 - Stylish wood burning stove with exciting new features

01.Dec 2017

New version of Lotus Jubilee 25 delivers even more reliability and combustion control
One of the most stylish and reliable wood burning stoves on the market has now been relaunched in a new, improved version. Danish manufacturer Lotus has given the new Jubilee 25 a slimmer, more elegant look, in...
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Jubilee 35 - Fire it up and enjoy the long-lasting warmth

22.Jan 2018

Lotus Jubilee 35 takes wood pieces of up to 50 cm in length
A Danish powerhouse among wood burning stoves will now be providing warmth for even longer. The Jubilee 35 from Lotus is the ideal solution for those who want a stove that takes extra-large pieces of firewood and delivers...
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Lotus Beto

04.May 2016

Beto is a series of wood-burning stoves designed with superior heat-retention properties. The stoves are built with either concrete or soapstone.

Soapstone has several unique advantages, the most important being its outstanding heat-retention properties. For a similar effect with concrete Beto, choose Beto concrete with Powerstones. In terms of design, concrete allows...
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Lotus Mira 7

04.Mar 2016

Mira 7 is a further development of Lotus’s popular Mira series. Here, we have drawn on our extensive knowledge to develop a stove that provides good and comfortable heating, even after you have added the last load of wood. The secret is the stove’s special PowerStones, which are designed to...
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Lotus Liva 5 & 6

26.Nov 2014

The impressive facelift the models in Liva 5 and Liva 6 series have had retains the classic virtues and stylish design. The combustion technique is the same high standard it has always been. With the background and knowledge of the previous Liva series, all materials have been meticulously selected and are extremely...
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Lotus 9230

24.Sep 2014

New wood stove reflects 35 years of design history.

The new Lotus 9230 is a classic wood-burning stove in a timeless design specially developed to mark Lotus’s 35th anniversary and is completely in line with the company’s tradition of creating stoves of the highest quality. The...
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Lotus Jubilee 35

24.Sep 2014

A homage to the powerhouse of wood-burning stoves

The Lotus Jubilee 35 truly is an outstanding wood-burning stove. A power plant with a huge combustion chamber, which can accommodate logs up to 50 cm in length. The frame on the back of the door is made of cast iron for...
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Lotus M-Jubilee

24.Sep 2014

Extraordinary stoves offering extraordinary facilities

The Lotus M series combines the best of the mass stove with the best of the wood stove. Its solid weight and its special design combine the ability of the mass stove to store and slowly emit heat with the calm and controlled combustion of...
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