Lotus Jubilee 15

– Elegant design with outstanding ease of use

The Lotus Jubilee series of stoves offers elegant design in combination with outstanding ease of use. Every single detail is designed to be easy to use, and the adjustment handles are beautifully integrated over the narrow wood compartment door, which can accommodate kindling and accessories.

The Jubilee 15 is the smallest of the popular Jubilee range. Just 30 cm deep, this small stove can be accommodated even in small rooms as an elegant and discreet piece of furniture.

Despite its small size, the Jubilee 15 series weighs 87-127 kg depending on which model you choose, giving you a quality stove that burns cleanly and has a positive effect on your heating budget. This stove has a nominal output of 4 kW (tested), making it perfect for smaller rooms, summerhouses or general locations where a lot of heat is not needed.

The Jubilee 15 comes with the convenient Lotus Soft Close system as standard. This stove is available in steel or with a Soapstone or Indian Night finish. If you go for the steel version, a Soapstone or Indian Night top plate is available as an optional extra.

You can adjust the look of whichever option you go for by choosing a handle to suit your taste. Classic, Modern and Shape handles are available to choose from. All three handles are designed to make them easy to use on a daily basis.


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