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Lotus - GBT - Green Burn Technology

Green Burn Technology is incorporated into all Lotus products. Lotus wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts are manufactured according to the highest environmental requirements. Moreover, we comply with some of the strictest environmental standards. This is your guarantee that our products are gentle on the environment.

At Lotus, we focus on creating modern and environmentally correct stoves which impact the environment to the least possible extent by means of advanced combustion technology. As we still want to develop and optimise our products in this respect, the stoves are continually being subjected to checks and tests. It is our vision to reduce particle emissions to a minimum and create cleaner combustion by means of an efficient combustion system.

Burning wood is CO2-neutral, and as such does not contribute to global warming. With correct firing and combustion, emissions are kept to a minimum, a fact we strive to tell users. Our dealers make a point of instructing users how to light a stove in the most environmentally correct way, and how to let the wood burn most effectively to achieve the greatest thermal efficiency and the least possible environmental impact.