Declaration of performance (DOP)


Product type Freestanding stove
Type Prestige Magic, Prestige Steel, Prestige S
Serial number See EN-label
Intended use of the product Room heater, without hot water supply
Fuel Solid fuel

Manufacturer Lotus Heating Systems A/S
Address of the manufacturer Agertoften 6
5550 Langeskov DK
System of assessment and verification of constancy of performance of
the product. AVCP
System 3
Harmonized tecnical specification EN EN-13 240: 2001/A2:2004/AC:2007
Notified Laboratory Reihn-Ruhr Feuerstätten Prüfstelle, NB 1625
Test report:: RRF-40 10 2528

Declared performance

Essential characteristics Performance
Harmonized tecnical specification
Reaction to fire

Distance to combustible materials Minimum distance rear: 150/100mm
Sides: 250mm
Front: 800mm

Risk of burning fuel falling out Pass
Emission of combustion products CO: 875 mg/m³
Dust: 19 mg/m³
Dust: {tag_emissioner stoev g-kg} g/kg dried wood
OGC: 36 mg/m³
NOx: 97 mg/m³
EN EN-13 240:
Surface temperature

Cleanability Pass
Mechanical resistance(cary a flue) Pass
Risk of fuel falling out Pass
Norminal heat output 5 KW

Energy efficency 80,4 %
Flue gas temperature at nominal heat output 289 °C

Signed for and on behalf of the manufacturer by.

Johnny Ebstrup, CEO Lotus Heating Systems A/S