Danish Design, Quality and Functionality

Wood-burning stoves must be easy to operate, beautiful to look at and environmentally friendly. That is why we have chosen to prioritise quality and functionality in both our design philosophy and choice of materials. All our stoves are tested at recognised test institutes, which guarantees that your Lotus stove will always meet the strictest environmental requirements.

Lotus wood-burning stoves – quality since 1979

All Lotus stoves and fireplace inserts are created in close collaboration between architect Kaare Sølvsten, technicians and suppliers worldwide. Because we combine Danish design traditions with the best quality components from all over the world, we can offer user-friendly and complete products, where design, functionality and technology appear as a whole.

Lotus has been producing quality wood-burning stoves since 1979, and the present range includes many unique design series, including both wood-burning stoves, heat storage stoves and fireplace inserts. You can always find a Lotus stove or fireplace insert that suits your home and your family's needs, and where you can enjoy life with each other beside the fascinating play of your stove’s flames.

Throughout our now more than 40-year history, we have been good at navigating the inconstancies of time without compromising on quality or functionality. We will continue down this road in future too, because quality and functionality are part of our DNA, and this is what we first and foremost want to be known for.

Lotus produces solid and durable products with a 10-year warranty. When buying a Lotus stove, you are buying a long-lasting, quality product, with spare parts and wearing parts available for up to 20 years.

Here, a multi-tonne elephant tests the durability of a 2000-series wood-burning stove. The stove, of course, passed the test.

Our partners

Lotus cooperates with a number of test institutes, interest groups, etc. to ensure optimal products, as well as the best possible environmental considerations.