Quick guide in ignition

1. Place the kindling as a block house at the bottom of the fire chamber with a briquette in the middle. Use plenty of kindling.

2. Light the briquette and leave the door open about 1 cm. (If smoke comes out of the door, then open the air damper completely – and close the door. Now go to point 4).

3. After about 10 minutes. Or when you can clearly feel the heat 15-20 cm from the window, open the stove’s air damper completely – and then close the door.

4. When the fire has burned to embers, or when there are no visible flames – put new firewood into the stove. Open the door carefully 1 cm. and after about 5 seconds open it completely. Now put 1-2 pieces of dry firewood in the stove – possibly spread out the embers before putting the wood into the stove.

5. Repeat point 4 according to your needs.