Cosiness, romance, ecology and economy

– with a wood-burning stove you get a bit more of all

Central heating is a great invention, but it falls short on cosiness and romance. But this can’t be said for a lively fire and burning flames - even if the fire does burn behind a protective layer of glass in the living room. At the same time, the heat from a wood-burning stove is both environmentally friendly and economical, provided you build your fire with (the right fuel) and in the right way.

CO2-neutral heating

- Sun, forest and conscience


Put simply, you could say that the energy in a piece of wood comes from the sun and that wood is therefore a renewable energy source. The amount of CO2 released from a piece of firewood rotting in the forest is the same as that released from the same piece of wood during combustion.

Burning wood is thus CO2-neutral and, in contrast to oil or similar fuels, it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, but instead forms part of a natural cycle. In most countries, more and more forests are being replanted, thus securing the energy supply of the future. The CO2 released from your stove is stored in new trees, meaning you can use your wood-burning stove with a clean conscience and, at the same time, in an environmentally friendly way.

Efficient utilisation of your firewood

– Consumption per hour


At Lotus, we work hard to ensure that you get the most heat out of every kilo of wood that you burn in your Lotus wood-burning stove. For this reason, we have introduced the concept - "Consumption per hour". This consumption is clearly stated for each of our models.

Here you can see how much, or rather how little, wood your Lotus stove needs to operate at its most efficient and with optimum use of the wood, based on our and the test institute's assessment. According to our assessment, the balance between dynamics and efficiency is best at this consumption per hour.
Lotus wood-burning stoves have a perfectly optimised combustion chamber. By modulating the air flow more efficiently in the combustion chamber, combined with the best materials, we can ensure optimal and environmentally friendly combustion economy.

Combustion economy is always affected by how "aggressively" you light your stove. A lot of firewood and a lot of air is like driving a car at full speed - not as efficient as using the specified amount = "economy driving".
Aggressive burning can result in a loss of efficiency of up to 20-25%. The technological development is also evident if you compare this with an older Lotus stove. Recently developed and optimised stoves are up to 30% more efficient, which benefits both the environment and your wallet.

Look for the "Consumption per hour" for each model and you’ll be surprised at the large savings you can make.

Energy efficiency – for the benefit of you and, not least, the environment