Important considerations before buying a wood-burning stove 

Buying a wood-burning stove is an investment in a piece of furniture that you should enjoy for many years. Therefore, you need to consider your needs carefully before buying. The location of the stove, the type of home and the area to be heated have as much influence on the choice of stove as your wishes for style and design. You may dream of a place where the family can gather around the flames, or you may have a practical need to supplement your heating – or both.

Quality of materials

It is not only the design that separates two stoves from each other, so does the combustion technique and materials. Strong materials, solid hinges and good insulation materials are just some of the things you need to be aware of when assessing the quality of a wood-burning stove. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the gasket placed between the door and the stove. If it is made of steel, it is difficult to change and not as tight as a ceramic glass gasket. The better the materials and processing, the longer you will enjoy your new wood-burning stove.

Correct size of the stove

Large is not necessarily best when buying a new wood-burning stove. Therefore, make sure that the stove you buy has the right output in relation to the area you want to heat. Always look at the operating interval and the manufacturer's specifications. Most stoves have ample performance in relation to the need. Remember: a small stove with a small combustion chamber burns clean at a small output but can also easily provide a lot of heat and still burn clean.
On the other hand, it can be difficult to make a stove with a large combustion chamber burn clean at a small output. The larger the combustion chamber and glass pane, the higher "basic output" is required for the stove to burn clean. When the stove burns at the right output, the glass pane and combustion chamber are kept free of soot. Therefore, choose your wood-burning stove in consultation with your authorised dealer to make sure that you get a correctly sized stove that suits your needs.

Look for certifications

When choosing a new wood-burning stove, it is important to check that the stove has been approved and certified according to standards that take the environment into account. As a general rule, the more standards a stove meets, the better it is for the environment.
At Lotus, we are constantly working on producing wood-burning stoves that take as much care of you and the environment as possible. We want to be leading in environmentally friendly combustion, and therefore our stoves have been tested and meet the strictest European standards regarding particle emissions etc.

Examples of wood-burning stoves with different outputs: