Heat storage stoves of solid quality and timeless design

A heat storage stove from Lotus offers extraordinary heat storage capabilities, while at the same time you are getting a unique piece of furniture lined with natural stones.

If you are looking for a wood-burning stove that is able release heat for several hours, then a heat storage stove is the perfect choice. With a heat storage stove, you get a wood-burning stove that creates a comfortable indoor climate, as it emits a comfortable and even temperature for several hours, even after the fire has gone out. At the same time, you can cut down on your consumption of firewood.

When producing stoves, we always focus on three parameters: combustion, durability and design. This is, of course, also the case with our heat storage stoves. A heat storage stove from Lotus is always very heavy, which is partly due to the solid quality materials in which the stove itself is made, but also in particular the large amount of stone covering our heat storage stoves. As a rule of thumb, it can be said that the higher the weight of a heat storage stove, the more heat it can store and subsequently release.

We offer different types of stones for our heat storage stoves, namely Soapstone, Indian Night Stone, Limestone, or Sandstone. Each type of stone has its own advantages, but a common feature is that they are all-natural stones, and each stone is therefore unique by nature. This gives a beautiful variation in the structure and surface of the stone, and thus each heat storage stove obtains its own unique expression.

Unique Temperature Distribution

The stone cladding not only features a beautiful structure and surface, it also acts as a “battery” of heat that is charged when the stove is in use and discharged when the fire has gone out.
The high weight of the different types of stone and the stove's very special construction ideally combine the heat storage stove's ability to store and slowly dissipate the heat with the stove's calm and controlled combustion, where the heat is distributed quickly.

Compared to most other stoves with heat storage, Lotus heat storage stoves also heat up in the lower part of the storage mass; thereby achieving an optimal exploitation of the total mass of the stove.
The combustion chamber of all Lotus heat storage stoves is lined with materials that allow the heat to pass through the combustion chamber side and out into the storage mass.
When you choose a slow heat distribution, you also build up a higher temperature in the stone. The heat distribution is easily regulated with the elegant control lever on top of the heat storage stove.

We have developed a radiant / convection heat symbol that is specified on the individual stove models. This is the symbol you look out for:


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