A Lotus stove guarantees you cosiness and first-class quality

With a wood-burning stove from Lotus, you are sure to get a long-lasting solution, first-class quality and design, and ultimate cosiness - because we are passionate about creating quality products just for these very reasons.

Since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by fire. Fire has ensured our survival, protected us, enriched us and brought us together for thousands of years. At Lotus, we are of course fascinated by fire as a force of nature, as a source of heat, and as a spreader of cosiness. When cosiness flows from the stove, the family will find a natural gathering point.

When creating and developing stoves, we always focus on three things that need to form a synthesis: combustion, durability and design. A wood-burning stove from Lotus must therefore have the best possible combustion, it must be durable, and the design must be both functional, perfectly shaped, and timeless. We ensure this by creating stoves that contain the latest combustion technology. We use the best and strongest materials, and our designers focus on creating functional, unique and timeless designs. Focusing on these three things ensure beautiful pieces of furniture that create cosiness and at the same time reduce your heating bill for the benefit of our environment.

Lotus stoves show consideration for our nature and are CO2 neutral. When you choose a Lotus stove, you get both an elegant stove that will last for many years, a low consumption of firewood and a cleaner combustion due to our efficient combustion technology. All our stoves are tested at recognised test institutes, before they are launched on the market. This guarantees you a product that meets the strictest environmental requirements.

All our stoves are convection stoves, which means that you get a fast and even distribution of the heat out to the entire room. Cold air is drawn in at the bottom of the stove and sent out as hot air at the top of the stove, after which the hot air will circulate throughout the room. In a radiant stove, the heat is concentrated around the stove, and therefore the heat will be very intense close to the stove.
With a convection stove you get better utilisation of your firewood and comfortable heat dissipation throughout the entire room.

Large selection and long-lasting Danish design

Lotus produces environmentally friendly stoves in many sizes, materials, and styles, but always of a high quality and in collaboration with good, reliable and reputable suppliers:

Wall-mounted or freestanding wood-burning stoves in rolled steel, rock-solid doors and 5 mm thick quality glass. Wood-burning stoves with elegant heat-storing stone cladding, with side glass so that you can enjoy the fire from several angles, or individually adapted solutions to put your personal mark on.

In other words: wood-burning stoves that meet the different aesthetic and functional requirements of your home. Whether we are talking about large house, small cottages or special needs, you will always find something in our range that is perfect for you.


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