Lotus 2000

– Craftsmanship in a class of its own

The Lotus 2000 series is a heavyweight in its class. The result of 40 years’ work, this series is a cornerstone in Lotus wood burning stoves. In terms of design, it is still highly contemporary and possesses a genuine and original mode of expression. It is a modern stove with strong classical origins. Its solid weight and sturdy construction and unique features, such as the steel bands which hug the stove body and cast-iron door accentuate its affinity with the wood burning stoves of days gone by. With its own unique charm, this stove has held its own and still, as it did when it first appeared, represents the best in wood stove design.

It is possible to combine the basic Lotus 2060 oven with different sections, including a base and cooking section.

Can be supplemented with a Soapstone side compartment.


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