Lotus Liva

– Create your own stove

The Lotus Liva series offers countless possibilities – here, only your imagination sets the limits. You can choose between the high, medium or low height variant of the stove. It also comes in a wall-mounted version. The side covering is available in glass panels, steel or Soapstone, Indian Night and Sandstone, all of which meet different needs with their excellent quality. It all depends on whether you prefer a fantastic view of the flames, a classic and minimalistic look or the option of storing heat. The large glass panes on both sides not only enhance the elegant lines of the stove but also cause the temperature in the fireplace to increase, improving the combustion. The warm glow of the fire can now be seen from all angles and lend vibrancy to the room. The Liva series is the very best in wood burning stoves. Quality materials and design details characterise the series.

The stove incorporates several user-friendly details, such as the practical drawer element with magnetic closing for the storage of kindling and stoking materials and accessories, a particularly solid steel and cast-iron door as well as an exclusive silicone control lever below the door which enables easy and precise control of the flames. The practical ash pan is located behind the door.

You can adjust the look of whichever option you go for by choosing a handle to suit your taste. Classic, Modern and Shape handles are available to choose from. All three handles are designed to make them easy to use on a daily basis.


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