Lotus M

– Extraordinary stoves with a multitude of options

The Lotus M series is the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable source of heating with heat distribution over a long period. The Lotus M series combines the best features of the mass stove with the best features of the modern wood burning stove. The stoves can be clad with the beautiful natural soapstone, which has a unique ability to store heat and release it slowly. The M series comes with the following cladding: Soapstone and Indian Night.

Their unique features give you the choice of controlling whether the heat should primarily be distributed quickly by means of convection heating or slowly via radiation heating. This is regulated by means of the elegant stainless steel control lever which completes the clean, harmonic design. This is where aesthetics and functionality meet.

This wood burning stove comes with PowerStones included. PowerStones is a specially developed stone that stores the heat and releases it over several hours after the fire has gone out.

The stoves are available in three different height variants and can also be supplied with a baking oven as an optional extra


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