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  • M Basic

    Modern elegance and heat storage neatly combined  The Lotus M-series is for anyone who wants an efficient heat source able to slowly release warmth...

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  • NEW - Limestone

    As something completely new, Prestige Magic 40 & Maestro 152 is now also available with Limestone. Limestone is a natural white stone...

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  • Mondo 3G - Beauty from all three sides

    Mondo 3G is a cosy new arrival for you to enjoy every day Welcome to the latest wood burning stove in the Mondo 3 series. Mondo...

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  • Maestro 2 & Maestro 152 - Lotus’ successful Maestro series is now even better

    Based on a new heat storage test we can now officially promise you 2.4 kW per hour for 14 hours  The stoves have Lotus’ renowned and...

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  • Jubilee 15 - New compact wood-burning stove designed for cosiness

    With its minimalist style, the Lotus Jubilee 15 is ideal for the smaller rooms of your homeLotus, the Danish manufacturer...

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  • Mondo 3 - A new stove with beautiful flames and high heat capacity

    With its sleek design and solid material, The Mondo 3 is ideally suited to a wide range of homes The...

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  • Maestro 1 & 2 - Warmth’s new, elegant look

    The sleek design of Lotus Maestro wood-burning stoves offer both radiant and stored heat   The Danish wood-burning stove manufacturer Lotus...

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  • Wood-burning stoves and pollution

    Wood-burning stove with a good conscience A lot has been written and said in the press lately about wood-burning stoves and...

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  • Style - New, elegant design provides warmth on a wide scale

    Lotus Style sets new standards for wood burning stoves in today’s contemporary home The challenge of balancing simplicity of design with the capacity to...

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  • Prestige - Wood burning stoves that deliver more comfort and full heat control

    The new Lotus Prestige models combine stylish design with more comfort and precise heat control The de-stressing, relaxing effect of looking at the flames...

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  • Jubilee 25 - Stylish wood burning stove with exciting new features

    New version of Lotus Jubilee 25 delivers even more reliability and combustion control One of the most stylish and reliable wood burning stoves on...

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  • Jubilee 35 - Fire it up and enjoy the long-lasting warmth

    Lotus Jubilee 35 takes wood pieces of up to 50 cm in length A Danish powerhouse among wood burning stoves will now be providing warmth...

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  • Lotus Beto

    Beto is a series of wood-burning stoves designed with superior heat-retention properties. The stoves are built with either concrete or soapstone. Soapstone has several unique...

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  • Lotus Liva 5 & 6

    The impressive facelift the models in Liva 5 and Liva 6 series have had retains the classic virtues and stylish design. The combustion technique is...

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  • Lotus Jubilee 35

    A homage to the powerhouse of wood-burning stoves The Lotus Jubilee 35 truly is an outstanding wood-burning stove. A power plant with a huge...

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High-temperature stove
Clean combustion
High fuel efficiency
CO2 neutral


Thick rolled steel
Heavy-duty doors
5 mm door windows
10-year warranty